workout! spa! friend!

what a brutal week, what with the stock market and all.  even if you don’t have money in the stock market, it affects you.  the insurance companies and all the other companies that affect our livelihood, invested their dollars in the stock market.  now those dollars are gone.  and so are AIG, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and it looks like, WAMU.

i’m taking a day off tomorrow.  going to work out.  then i’m going to the spa.  then i’m going to pick up my friend from the airport tomorrow.  we’re driving to sonoma (and back).  we’re going to eat good food. and i’m going to giggle my ass off for 48 hours.



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4 responses to “workout! spa! friend!

  1. You left out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the “two wild and crazy kids who partied on Uncle Sam’s dime and who have now been sent to the time out corner.” -Barrons 9/15/2008.

    Incidently, the top executives of these firms were handed $40 million if they promised to go quietly. I think they learned from my children, who once told me : Daddy if I misbehave, can we go out to dinner?

    Well, yours truly, old smartypants himself, stayed with oil and coal stocks and still got taken to the cleaners. No one minds the occasional lump of coal, but I’ve got an entire mine full of the crap.

    It’s depressing enough to make me go home and write a short story.

    Incidently, did you hear the news from the Iowa Review? This is absolutely true – I’m not making this up. IR is now actively soliciting the work of writers from, of all places, IOWA!!

    American writers now stand as good a chance as any foreigner of getting published in the USA.

    But tarry not – this outreach program to Americans may not last, and in short order you could find yourself once again competing with Armenians and Albanians for space in literary magazines sponsored by American tax dollars. So dust off those Corn Belt images and zip them off to IR while the opportunity lasts. Any day, management could change its tune and develop a hankering for writers publishing in Urdu newspapers.

  2. I had a workout/spa week, too! I was so tense/stressed/exhausted that I went to a yoga class last night and then got a massage/hot tub today. Heavenly. And yes, sucks about the stock market!

  3. sounds like fun! Hope you had a great time giggling and relaxing!

  4. Robert: I am hoping things will turn around soon!

    bustopher: I hope you had a good rest and relax week. and that you are feeling healthy and rejuvenated. 🙂

    cindy: I.TOTALLY.DID! There’s nothing like pure laughter and giggling to set everything straight, is there?

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