Shana Tova minus 777

Hello and Shanah Tovah/ Happy Rosh Hashanah / Happy New Year!

May your year bring you great blessings, joy, knowledge, happy memories and deep fulfillment.

I was hoping the new year would start off with a successful bailout.  But it did not.  We ended up with a dow that fell 777 points instead.  The bailout was not going to put money in the pockets of CEOs (the negotiations took care of that), but to bail out the entire mortgage mess, the banking mess…I was hoping it would happen. But it did not.

So we’ll wait for what tomorrow might bring.

And what the near year may bring as well.  Wish for me a completed, well written, soulful novel (and no more family deaths or illnesses and continued stability and happiness).  I wish for you the same.  (well, if you’re not a writer, I’ll leave the novel part out).


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  1. anonwupfan

    Don’t be too hopeful with this bailout, nothing will be solved until a normal person with a normal job can buy a normal house without breaking themselves. The banks still won’t be able to make heroic loans like they used to because there’s no one left to sell the bad debt to. We’ve got a long way to go this is just an attempt to ease us down (and we’re definitely going down!) Save your money. Buy some extra food. Make sure your family is OK.

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