first snow


Heard the weather forecast! Snow up at Tahoe! So, even though we’re still jetlagged, we scurried up to the mountains to turn off our sprinklers, to avoid the disaster of frozen pipes.

We arrived, nighttime temps in the twenties. When we awoke: a light dusting of snow covered the ground and rooftops. Light powdered sugar. Mrm. Powdered sugar. And so off we went for breakfast at Heidi’s, home of delicious breakfast food (chicken fried steak for him, french toast sandwich for me). Where we gorged, as usual. And emerged smelling like diner grease and smoke.

Our clothes are in the washing machine now.

And we’re asking ourselves, “Now WHY is it that we don’t come up here more often?” I feel like I can write here, that my head is clear. On vacation, I came up with a couple story ideas, more thoughts on an essay, more inspiration for my novel. We’ve resolved to come up here more often. Maybe even for Christmas and New Year’s–even though that idea produces a nervous flutter in my belly; I had my stroke up in Tahoe exactly then, on New Year’s Eve. It’s hard to revisit memories and their concrete ties. To this day, I can’t help but glance with awful feeling at the spot where I sat down during the stroke, right outside the hardware store up here, next to the red snow blowers out for sale.

This weekend is Murakami weekend–I’m off to see and hear Murakami in Berkeley this evening, then more Murakami activities tomorrow.

The snow is on the ground, and the aspens haven’t even yet turned yellow–crazy beautiful world!

p.s. It just started snowing again! It’s snowing, it’s snowing, it’s snowing!!!!!!!!


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