ugh i need a residency


Ugh. I totally need a residency. I work most of the week, and my job leaves me exhausted most evenings. It’s an all consuming sort of job (having nothing to do with writing), and I like it…but it’s pretty difficult to disengage and then switch gears. So my writing suffers. And my house is not the best setting for writing, what with two needy and very charming wiener dogs, a husband who always tempts me with fun outings and activities, a kazillion televisions and tivo and many other distractions.

It’s November. Thousands of writers (maybe tens of thousands? how many are out there now) are hard at work on their novels via NaNoWriMo. That’s not my thing, but I cheer you on, well aware of my plodding progress.

Tayari Jones suggested NaFiWriNoMo, National Finish Writing Novel Month–and I was so tempted to join. I sure as hell do need to make more progress on my novel.

But instead–I think I’ll just complain. 😉

I gotta figure this out and buckle down.

And in the interim, I’ll wait, nervously twiddling my fingers, awaiting responses from writing residencies. My friend and then her friend received rejections from MacDowell already–I checked my mail today: nothing. I’m on the West Coast, they’re on the East Coast, I imagine an additional day or two might be needed for a response to travel to me. “Maybe acceptances come later!” my friend suggested. One can hope, but I’m not a Famous Writer and so my chances are very very slim.

But even if I’m not offered a residency, I’m going to carve out two weeks to write, somewhere away from my house.

Like I said, I’ve got to make some progress.



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6 responses to “ugh i need a residency

  1. Good for you! Go for it Jade!

  2. I can relate and I really, really hope it works out for you, Jade. I don’t have a hope in hell of getting a residency, so I attend my residency at my desk every morning for the three short hours that the German education system kindly agrees to take my children off my hands.

    I fondly remember my five days alone in Berlin in June where I wrote 2 and 1/2 chapters. In the four months since then, I have written one.

    However, onwards and forwards and good luck to us.

  3. Agreed. It’s hard to balance the demands of life against the demands of writing, especially when that life involves a job that is, as you say, consuming.

    Onwards and forwards, indeed. I keep reminding myself that there’s hope, that many writers have to work in moments stolen from the other demands in their lives.

    (But if anybody wants to fund a residency…)

  4. anonwupfan

    Wow, YES–I know exactly what you mean!

    Especially if you work behind a computer all day; it can be impossible do it some more when you get home.

    Some dedicated writing time sounds like a great idea, but remember when it’s over you’ll still need to find a way to integrate writing into your everyday life. If I could offer any advice I’d say cut the cable, destroy all TVs (OK–keep one), pitch the TiVo, and temporarily disable your internet (I prefer giving a critical piece of the router to Mrs. AWUPF for the duration of my writing time.)

    How did the sublet at the workspace go? Maybe you could try that kind of thing on a more permanent basis.

  5. w

    What a great idea. A friend and I had talked about setting something up like this for ourselves…rent a cabin for a week or two and plunk down together to write. GO FOR IT!

  6. scrambling now, to go away for 2 weeks to write.

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