code name

The secret service has given code names for the first family to be (I can’t believe they’re published but they are). Obama is Renegade. His wife, Michelle: Renaissance. Dubya’s: Tumbler. Laura Bush: Tempo.

Now I want to give all my friends and family members code names.



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16 responses to “code name

  1. Oh! Oh! Oh! I wanna know what you would call me!!!

  2. Eric: Hrmmm I must think about this one.

  3. Richard

    I am Jet Man.

  4. I hope my code name would be wild guppy or guppy girl, or meow pink eleven or something like that. Or cat nip. hmmm….

  5. Richard

    I am Big Dog.

  6. you’re all doing a good job brainstorming code names for yourself!

  7. Richard

    I am Coco Crisp.

  8. anonwupfan

    JP: Dorito
    Mr. JP: Domingo
    Dogs: Dovetail & Doughnut

  9. Richard

    I am Judge Dredd.

  10. Richard

    I am Yo Play.

  11. Richard: I think ur nickname oughta be Food Coma…

  12. Richard: orr…the ever popular, “Gorilla.”

  13. Eric: Happy Monkey?

    Wildguppy: I think you have already chosen your own. Some derivative of Guppy, methinks.

    anonwupfan: good ones!

    nova: Genoise (bc you love cake?) And e could be…”frosting?” 😛

  14. Eric

    Okay, I’m thinking Happy Monkey is a good start – but I want to embellish (as I’m wont to do…)

    Happy Good Food Time Monkey!! Go!!

  15. Richard

    I am Blue Steel.

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