it’s list season!

I’m a sucker for lists.

I like to make “to do lists” and feel a burgeoning sense of accomplishment (and thus satisfaction) as I “do them” and check the items off, one by one. Mrmmm. Feels good. I’ll channel surf and inevitably get sucked into the VORTEX of the E! channel’s “100 Celebrity Goofs” or “100 Celebrity scandals!” or “Top 500 Celebrity couples” or “Top 100 scandalous Celebrity couples” or–you get the idea. The E! shows aren’t as satisfying as my “to do lists”–as I watch them, I can hear the voice in the back of my head screaming, “This is three hours of your life you’ll NEVER GET BAAAAACK!” but I watch them anyway. Because you see, I’m a sucker for lists.

And…the list of lists that suckerpunch me (and lists that I suckerpunch) goes on…

Until they reach a climax at the end of the year! (And through the beginning of the year)! The E! channel goes into overdrive with the list shows! But what really gets me are the “Top ****** of 200*” lists. Wowee wow. I’ll read all of them. Top shows, top trends, top fashions, top celebrities (yes, again with the celebrities)…

Oh. This is all to say that the New York Times 100 Notable Books of 2008 list is out. I don’t always agree (they seem to have a love affair with Curtis Sittenfeld. They put Prep on that list a few years ago! How?! Why?!), but again…it’s a list, and I love lists.


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  1. I am a list JUNKIE! I have my list making ritual. I love making lists in my moleskine notebook with a really good pen.

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