The Fun List: A Promise To Myself


Okay.  Continuing with my obsession with lists…I fell in love with Tea’s idea of making a list of fun things to do, which she then calls “a promise to myself.” What a great promise to make.

And as you know the whole idea of a LIST fills me with greedy delight. The key to this list is that it’s not a “to do” list but a “FUN to do” list…

  • Learn to knit. And knit something. (resulting in resurgence of cubital tunnel syndrome).
  • Learn to do ballroom dancing! Any dance! Take a lesson!
  • Make good on my desire to take a trip to New York City! (And the ideal would be to sublet an apartment in Manhattan and stay for more than a couple weeks). Update: Looking for friends to open their homes to me!
  • Make good on my desire to take a trip to Korea! (And the ideal would be to sublet an apartment in Seoul and stay for a few months).
  • Ride the ferry across the bay.
  • Hang out in Tahoe for a long weekend in the snow.
  • Cook a meal together with my husband.
  • Eat at The French Laundry.
  • Go backpacking again. At least once.
  • Play hooky from work and spend the entire day doing FUN things.
  • Cook more Korean food at home! Go through an entire Korean cookbook of my choice!
  • Get a massage.
  • Celebrate our 10th marriage anniversary bigtime!
  • Get a new hairstyle!
  • Kiss the love of my life on New Year’s.
  • Bake my favorite cake!
  • Go visit my friend in A2–and giggle for 48 hours straight. Oh yah, that’s definitely fun. Rendezvousing in New York!
  • Eat a perfect persimmon

Note how writing isn’t on this list…because it’s not always “fun,” even though I LOVE it.

Update: the list above is to accomplish within the next year…list of things to do in my lifetime?  That’s another list!  (Yay. 🙂  )



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10 responses to “The Fun List: A Promise To Myself

  1. mysticonnie

    I love lists. Now that the holidays/end of the year have started to roll in, I am in list heaven right now. All those gift lists, wish lists, to do lists, travel lists to check off… Actually, I go beyond lists. Sometimes I make excel charts! Yeah, I’m that bad.

  2. ChaEsq

    You can combine 10th anniversary with a trip to NYC! And while here, you can get a massage at a niiiiice spa, take dancing lessons with your hubs, go backpacking upstate, and get a chic haircut. Presto!

  3. Eve

    Let us know which you’re doing first.

    And also…. I too would put both Korea and NYC on my lists. My sister-in-law is a fashion designer who gets to go to Seoul twice a year and just offered to take my daughter (who was born there) and me if we want to go. Well, duh… do we?

    I’ve never thought about sub-letting an apartment in NYC. Where do you go to find people who’ll do that? Wow, that would be amazing.

    And thanks for the encouragement to make my own list. I will. But right now I really need one that’s realistic and that has stuff I’ll actually do soon on it.

  4. OK please make #3 come true! I actually got an email from someone the other day about needing someone to sublet her apartment (she’s going to macdowell, for like the 4th time, BLECH), but anyway she’s away all of feb. and half of march, so let me know if you want the email, ok? I know her through a reading we organized together.

    10th marriage anniversary!? do it up huge!

    What’s your favorite cake?

  5. mysticonnie: excel chart lists are awesome! (i have a few, myself).

    ChaEsq: now THAT is an awesome scenario.

    Eve: subletting–I would think craigslist or networking through friends. I hope you make a list soon. 🙂

    nova: oh dude! It is SO near the top of my list. Can you forward the email from your friend to me? I’m curious about costs. Does she need it subletted for all 6 weeks? I don’t think I could get away from work/home for 6 weeks…but maybe a week or two? And I could use it as time to visit friends and also as a mini-writing retreat! And if she has wireles…wow, even better. Okay can you tell I’m totally excited?

    My favorite cake…the one I mentioned is my favorite cake to BAKE, which is a “persian love cake” (cardamom and rose)…though I eat just about ANY cake. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Oooh! If I sublet, I can bake while there! Okay, enough fantasizing…

  6. That’s a great, great list. My daughter just mailed me HER “bucket list” so I guess I need to make one also…

    I want to take dance lessons too!
    And of course, learn to play the banjo.

  7. I love lists, too, as you know. Yours for the coming year has some good stuff on it. I’d have the NYC thing on my list, but probably not Seoul. I like Seoul, but I’ve spent lots of time there in my life already . . .

  8. Honey, if you go eat at the French Laundry, let me know when – I’ll just pop by and hitch a ride on that reservation!
    Oh! And in NYC you could do Per Se and be done with both of them in 2009!
    Sebas and I are going to NYC to see Pam Ann in January – 16 – 18th I think… If you do sublet that apartment maybe I’ll drop in for the day so we can hang out!! 🙂 I just love your list!!

  9. Going through this at a good clip! Maybe I should make these lists periodically, to accomplish over the next few months…

    Susan: The bucket list is too gargantuan though i have one in my head…baby steps! I loved your daughter’s list, it really is wonderful to see the vision she has for her life.

    Cliff: lists are awesome. 🙂

    Eric: Yah with this economy, French Laundry (as well as Per Se) is probably OFF the list for awhile. But I think we should make these fun lists more often.

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