Swink is back!

Remember how Swink magazine disappeared without a trace? It’s back and it’s all electronic.

I pinged Leelila Strogov a few times during Swink’s downtime wondering what had happened. She never responded. I guess the new Swink site is response enough.



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5 responses to “Swink is back!

  1. I just did! I hope you submit, too! They eliminated the category of stories where one writer finishes the other’s story, though!

  2. Ooooh! I loved the paper version of the magazine…

  3. Hi there — just wanted to thank you for noticing Swink’s revival and spreading the word about it. We’ll be publishing new work ever Thursday(ish), so please keep checking back in. And yes, please do submit!

  4. nova: i know, i’m soo excited! i really missed Swink while they were gone.

    Darcy Cosper: I hope Swink is here to stay over the longhaul! I did submit (under my REAL name) so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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