omg is it that simple?

I had an awesome day today. I got no writing done, but I spent the entire day with friends. With a visiting WC…and then at a surprise birthday for an old friend.

I realized: I need good people and amazing friends in my life.

I hole myself up because I’m sick of getting hurt and being neglected. Not consciously, but I do it. But that recalls Robert Frost’s “Mending Wall”–what am I keeping out?



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4 responses to “omg is it that simple?

  1. I do the same, so… so this post makes me think.

    Hi to WC!

    I’m happy to hear you had an awesome day.

  2. w

    A visiting water closet, woo!

    I’m so glad your party was fun. For me, lots of thoughts about friends and good vibes on this trip; I’m glad I can give some back, because you and recently many others have been giving me so much.

    Hi, Nova!

  3. Eve

    Jade, it’s easy to hole up like that, especially for introspective/introverted/writer/artsy types. And then being around invigorating, wonderful others is such a good reminder about how much we need good friends (and need to be good friends to others).

    I was reminded of this same thing last week and felt so blessed to be among good folks.

  4. Definitely. But it’s hard to get out when you’re stuck in a cycle of “holed up”/”I’m working!”
    which gets me more stuck in the “*sniff* no one loves me”/”I miss grad school” loop.

    * must try not to be grinchly*


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