my favorite kind of winter


Dudes and dudettes: it SNOWED in the Oakland and Berkeley hills this morning. (did I hear a flap of wings and an “oink!” in the sky?) I hear it also snowed on the hilltops of Portola Valley, too.

I don’t live high enough and thus did not experience the snow firsthand–but those who live above 1,000 feet in the hills experienced snow. And I’m not talking about one or two little snowflakes–I’m talking about a REAL snow shower like the kind that fall in the Sierra Nevadas. A *measurable* amount of snow, about 1/8 of an inch. I have pictures to prove it!

The last time it snowed in the Berkeley Hills–I was sitting in a neighbor’s living room up at around 1000 feet, and peering out their picture window–and saw a few snowflakes from the sky. That was momentous…today’s snow was UNBELIEVABLE! In an awesome fairytale way–like walking into the wintry Narnia forest for the first time.

OMG wonderful! Yesterday it hailed for some time, and the temperatures dipped low enough to make me feel that snow was imminent. (Yes, above is a picture of the windshield as I drove through hail, crazy me).

It’s collld–so cold you can’t wear open toed shoes (yay!) and you *have* to wear pants or hose (yay!) and so cold you *have* to wear layers and a warm warm warm jacket (yay!)

And now I’m knitting obsessively. Knit, knit, knit. I’m not writing, I’m not reading, I’m just knitting like a banshee with an emptied mind. No thoughts about the economy. No thoughts and worries about my ailing dog (who came out of spinal surgery just fine, according to the doggie neurologist–and who is healing so well she will be coming home tomorrow!).

Just knit, knit, knit..purl, knit knit purl purl….

And even though I’m coming down with a cold (thank you to my hubby who brought it home with him!)–I STILL LOVE THIS COLD WEATHER!!!!!



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13 responses to “my favorite kind of winter

  1. Holy crap you should see the snow that came overnight! From nothing to INCHES of the stuff in the time it took to eat Korean/Japanese food with friends! You’d LOVE it here in winter if you like cold and snow! πŸ˜‰

  2. heather

    Yay snow! It’s been rainy here off and on, but no snow or even sleet yet. I’m knitting a lot too — do you know about ? Lots of free patterns and more social networking for knitters and crocheters. Some yarn swaps too.

  3. heather

    oh and i am glad your dog is on the mend. πŸ™‚

  4. and…i just heard that it’s snowing in MALIBU, CALIFORNIA (more bizarre than yesterday’s snow in Oakland/Berkeley if possible).

    I am going to check out…and guess what? Knitting is giving me ulnar nerve irritation/cubital tunnel syndrome! More so than when I spend too many hours at the computer typing! Bleah. This may turn out to be a very short knitting career (and my herald my return to crocheting).

  5. It even snowed recently in New Orleans — I saw the pictures! Very weird.

    We in upstate New York have been under snow pretty much relentlessly since mid November. It’s lost its charm, sadly. I love how it covers up all the leaves I failed to rake and the weeds I never pulled…

  6. r ellis: no kidding, new orleans?! (it also snowed in Vegas! Vegas!!!!! Several inches!)

    I have a friend who lives in Michigan–the snow definitely loses its charm for her after a couple months…

  7. anonwupfan

    It’s snowing 5-10 inches on me right now! Snow is great as long as you don’t have to go anywhere. A big snow muffles all of the ambient noise, which is the coolest part.

    As far as the cold goes, stay in CA and enjoy that brand of “cold”; trust me, you don’t ever want to know what -25 air temperatures feel like, i.e. so cold your nose freezes shut (though that weather does lend itself to hot buttered rum and roaring fires, which is pretty great stuff.) Of course, you’re from Hardy Northern Stock, so maybe you’d love it JP πŸ™‚

  8. I remember when I lived in the Oakland Hills and it snowed on our balcony a couple times. The first time I took my cat (Bustopher Jones), who grew up in LA out there and made him walk around in it. He ran back into the house first chance he got!

  9. P.S. I plan to do the same with Shea tomorrow!

  10. Meanwhile here in Boston we’re settling in for our third straight day of heavy snow. On the bright side, our local Flickr groups are posting great winter photos like this:

  11. Woops, img tag didn’t work:

  12. Andrew W: that is the cutest squirrel EVAR.

  13. Eve

    Wowee, I had no idea! Congratulations to all living in paradise. Snow can only make it better.

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