Happy New Year


Quel Year! (not that last year didn’t deserve an even louder “QUEL YEAR!” for me)…but quel year. People have lost fortunes, homes, and bigger losses loom in the distance–it is in, some ways, like seeing the Orcs on the horizon and waiting for them to make it to Helm’s Deep where they will then attack and do battle. And for those who have not lost money, there are those who have experienced heartbreak and unbelievable painful loss this year.

But I hope you count your blessings and keep them close to your heart throughout the new year. I hope that regardless of where you are, that you see beauty in life and hope perpetually lingering around the corner. Because if I am to use yet another Lord of the Rings metaphor–may the light of erindian light your way when you think all hope is lost.

Shit. I’m going to stop writing this post before I geek out too much. Happy New Year, everyone. Keep hope alive, keep on keeping on, and keep your eyes on the dream. 🙂

I am not for resolutions because a lot can happen in a year. And I may gain a few pounds eating chocolate to survive the year ahead. But–I have set one goal in 2009. I am going to finish my novel.



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2 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. Violeta

    I’m cheering you on! And I hope (sort of naively?) to be completing a novel right there with you.

  2. I can’t wait to read your novel when it’s done! And yes, quel year!

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