hills valleys plains meadows rivers mountains canyons


So anyway. Sooooo anyway. So anywaaaaaaay. Sooo–anywaaaaay. SoAnyway!

Seriously. Trying to switch subjects. Using the segue. It’s been an emotional and at times dark couple of months. I’m embarrassed of how much I’ve whined and cried. I’m trying to switch subjects, switch gears!

And a new wind is blowing. Literally. There are like major winds blowing in the Bay Area! For the last two nights, I’ve been lulled to sleep not by the television but by the howling and thunderous gusts of winds in the canyons followed by the hiss of wind tossed leaves and branches. Gust hissss. Gust hissss.

And for the last two mornings, I’ve been awakened by those thundering gusts and mezzo (or alto?) soprano hisses. At night I go to sleep listening to the wind. In the morning, I awaken to what I think are waves on a beach. Am I asleep on a boat? Am I on the shore?

No. It’s just the winds: guuuust–hisssss. Like waves pounding a beach, and then the foam receding from the sandy shore.

The temps are in the 70s (seriously! in January!) and it’s hard not to sense change. And I’m going with it. I hate change, but it’s necessary! I’m wearing a sundress–in January! And I don’t live in the earth’s southern hemisphere.

And I can’t wait until New York. (I just have to work on not building it up in my head so much that I set myself up for disappointment).


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