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Dudes, I’m all out of inspiration. I aim to entertain, almost at all times, but my life ain’t so entertaining. I think the height of this blog was when I had a stroke and I blogged my recovery–not that I wish myself a stroke again, of course. But it was also at that time that I felt vulnerable and open and the blog was my main writing venue and so the full force of my emotions and experience hit this site.

Now, I bore myself.

You’re welcome to ask me questions/give me blog prompts.

For now, here’s a quickie blog:

Just finished reading The Welsh Girl by Peter Ho Davies. Started slow but gained speed towards the end, much like an Ian McEwan novel. I looove the characters Karsten and Rotheram.

STILL reading 2666 by Roberto Bolano. Because that book is looooong. I’ll still be reading it next month. And the next month. Yes. But it is bringing me so much insight into the craft of writing–that dude wrote a 4-page-long sentence! That is hardcore. The novel is epic and the plot meanders..I’m trying to figure it all out.

Gotta start reading Yiyun Li’s The Vagrants.

This blog. And griping how boring it is, and getting down on myself about how boring it is, and how boring I must be, etc., etc. Which is in itself a totally boring act.

Writing the novel, bit by bit.

I am going to go see Coraline in 3D tomorrow with friends! Looking forward to it.

Otherwise, the usual: Grey’s Anatomy (ho hum except for the Cristina/Owen romance), Battlestar Galactica (RIVETING), House, LOST (RIVETING).

The DVD of “The Wire” Season 1 is still sitting in front of the telly. I’m afraid that once I start watching, I won’t be able to stop.

Memorable eats:
A bunch of homemade food these days: Chicken enchiladas!!! Best lasagna ever. And rose-cardamom cupcakes with whipped cream saffron-rosewater frosting.

Ate Out:
BBQ chicken salad at CPK. It was an incredible craving that needed to be quenched.

See above, under memorable eats. I love cooking. I think it’s my one domestic skill, I love the rhythm of cooking and the process of shopping for ingredients and transforming them into a final product that nurtures. We’re cooking nearly every meal these days, avoiding restaurants. Tonight I made Korean fish stew.


I interviewed for a teaching job (in addition to my 2 days/week work commitment above). I was confused because I got asked ZERO questions during my interview and even when I asked if he (the department chair) had questions for me, he said no, with a nonchalance that betrayed nothing. Huh. Maybe the person who referred me said good things about me, and thus he had no questions? I don’t get it. Regardless, I’m moving forward to the next step there: more interviews this time with the Dean. I will still prep in case SHE ask me questions.

Went to the cardiologist for my annual post-PFO-closure checkup and got another all clear–blood pressure back to normal now that I’m on meds, and then they hooked me up to a machine and monitored my heart and all was okay there.

It’s been raining, and I like it.

I sent out story submissions: 8 postal submissions (about $20 total), plus some contest fees (about $70 total for 4 contest submissions) and 4 online submissions later…I’ve filled another bucket of hope minus about $100.

Asked 2 Famous Writers to do an interview for the litmag at which I work as fiction editor. Yay! They said yes. So excited. Brainstorming questions this weekend.

Still plugging away at the novel. This week was discouraging. Next week will be better.



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6 responses to “quick blog

  1. You might be bored with your blog, but I’m not! Sounds like you are having a busy and creative life, and those muffins sound amazing.

    I am also reading 2666, and it is slow going, but I am loving it.

  2. chaesq

    christina / owen are so … SOOOO … that episode where they were all Victorian novel-y made me feel tingly! =)

  3. anonwupfan

    Wow, you sound busy with awesome things—so let us be bored!

    I was so disappointed with TWG. Probably because I loved Equal Love so much and TWG just seemed to drag on. My friend will not stop with the Bolano love, so maybe (with your thumbs up) I’ll finally break down and read 2666.

    I’m kind of excited about Coraline. Never read it, but it sounds like a great story idea. And 3D, how fun is that?

    OK, questions…

    Who is your cooking inspiration? Have you always been this into food? If not, when did the proverbial worm turn for you?

    What do you expect from the fiction you read? What would you like your fiction to do for your readers?

  4. Doesn’t sound like your life is boring to me! Sounds like you have a ton of stuff going on. I love Coraline in 3D, by the way, and the only two shows I’m watching right now are BSG and Lost – both so good. Congrats on the teaching interview and on sending out more submissions.

  5. charlotteotter: thank you. 2666 is slow going but very rich. like drinking…cream.

    chaesq: tonight! Cristina/Owen. 🙂

    anonwupfan: Coraline has to be watched in 3D. I think that’s what made it amazing. And thank you for the questions–I am going to use them as future blog writing prompts…once I navigate the doldrums.

    bustopher: wish me luck on the submissions. I began kissing the envelopes before sending them out, I feel so desperate.

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