bright spot


Well right after I wrote the post about sinking into depression and needing a few bright spots…

A turkey came walking along the sidewalk. As casual as could be, as if he belonged there, as if a turkey walking along the sidewalk past my window were No Biggie.

My writing desk is on the 2nd floor right in front a window that faces the sidewalk, so I get to see the neighborhood cat and a squirrel and a few other happenings. (The cat made it into my novel today). I didn’t expect see Mr Turkey.

We have a family of wild turkeys in our neighborhood–I love them dearly and I blogged about them here before. Every winter I worry about whether they’ll make it through to the next year. And so their first appearance is always a hallmark event for me. This is Mr. Turkey’s first appearance this year.

I ran outside with the camera, and took a picture of him, strutting down the sidewalk and emitting his loud and alto soprano “gobble gobble gobble” sounds. I also took a video but that’s not here.

Okay that’s one bright spot. Please send more.



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9 responses to “bright spot

  1. That turkey is your muse.

  2. Susan has so obviously identified your muse that I am left speechless.

    But here are some bright spots: it’s really very spring-like outside. So if you haven’t, you absolutely must take a walk (another bright spot: our walkable neighborhood)! And sometime in the next seven days you have to take a walk with me, one that involves tea or coffee (caffeine: bright spot!) xoxoxo (and I am sorry about the depression described in the last post — I hate to hear that’s been visited on you.)

  3. centria

    Oh how cool to see a turkey walking by outside your door. I hope that is a small antidote for your depression. We have some wild turkeys in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, but none have wandered on our land. (correction: they may have wandered, but I haven’t seen…) What a lovely blog you have!

  4. uninvoked

    I have to agree with Susan. That Turkey is definitely your muse. He heard your call for help and came forth. ^^ If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.

  5. Leila A

    Turkeys are sacred. I have this friend who is Israeli-American. Her father was from Iraq but he went to Israel before 48 to join a kibbutz and fight for independence. She is half-Iraqi-Jewish. Anyway. She spent many years on a Native American reservation in upstate New York, and then lived in Santa Fe for a decade.

    When I went back to Lebanon in 1995 she gave me a turkey feather to take with me. She and her Native American friends had taken it from one of their turkeys, and blessed it. I was to release it in the land of Lebanon as a prayer for peace. I did. We don’t have peace yet in Lebanon/Israel/Palestine but I still think about my friend and her sacred turkey feather every once in a while. She went back to Israel last year because she felt she could do more for peace there. I haven’t heard from her. (She doesn’t do internet).

    If I talk to her again I will ask her to explain the significance of the turkey to me. I think they are very important birds in the Native American world.

  6. Awesome. Turkey. You’re also Awesome.

  7. Susan: whoa!

    bloglily: yes we do live in a beautiful place in a beautiful time full of magnolia blossoms, cherry blossoms, and wildflowers. would love to meet up soon (after my flu passes!).

    centria: thank you for your compliments and for stopping by!

    uninvoked: it’s cool to see a random turkey that way. 🙂

    Leila A: oh how cool. your friend is half Iraqi Jewish? so’s my hubby. there aren’t many Iraqi Jews in the world. thank you for the turkey info. :0

    queenkv: thank you, Darrrrling. Sometimes I don’t feel very awesome though.

  8. Eve

    OK, this is just plain funny in that magical, makes you smile a lopsided smile sort of way, a reminder about taking ourselves or life too seriously, or perhaps about how a turkey’s pride of self can be catching or serve as an example.

    I had a day like that years ago and looked out my front door and saw a pair of pea hens (you know, female peacocks!) walking down the middle of our residential neighborhood street. Amazing. And they too looked like they knew just what they were doing. It was a time of my life when I didn’t know just what I was doing, so I needed that.

  9. Eve–magical, isn’t it? Even if it doesn’t have a ton of meaning or it feels confusing (how does it fit into my life, I wonder)–it is a really really charming distraction. 🙂

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