Pesach begins!


As I sit here, I’ve just finished up a great workshop series with Elizabeth Stark and her Craft Techniques. Great class and you can do it from the comfort of your own home via telephone!

As I sit here, the hail that pounded the earth earlier this afternoon, so that the vegetable garden looked as if a child had left a massive collection of white marbles strewn around…has long since melted.

As I sit here, the chicken broth/soup is on low simmer, waiting for matzo balls tomorrow. The gefite fish is in the fridge, the aspic chilling so that it will become firm and cradle the gefilte fish patties. The brisket is thawing. The chicken liver is waiting to be transformed into chopped chicken liver salad. And tomorrow, more cooking.

Tomorrow the holiday begins but today is all about getting ready and in “order.” Chag Sameach, everyone.

This weekend, I’m off to attend my BFF’s wedding in Austin.

And in the past few weeks, I’ve twittered the following (and I think I’m much more cheerful via twitter than here on this blog–perhaps my short twitch brain muscles fire at a more cheerful pace than my (uh) slow (?) twitch brain muscles…come to think of it…probably. Because my novel is more morose than this blog:

  • btw, i’m still reading 2666… ;P ppl have sed they dislike the middle section, but i’m really liking it.
  • ok. this is weird, being my anonymous alterego on twitter, i feel like an impostor! happy sunday everyone!
  • vicky cristina barcelona very good. penelope cruz amaaazing. now wondering why, w/ all my travels to europe, i have not set a story there.
  • however, vicky cristina barcelona makes me want 2 stop eating. every single woman is so THIN. oops-i just ate a meatball. delish food>thin.
  • what does one do w short stories once they’ve been rejected all over the universe?
  • i have 2 nights of blissful sleep…and then every 3rd night I toss and turn.
  • my 3 pounds of water weight now dissipating: going 2 the bathroom every 20 minutes. whee! if only my allergies could dissipate so quickly.
  • I want 2 say that having made it thru the brutal middle of 2666 (reading murder after murder)…it’s hard for me to begin the 3rd section.
  • it’s kinda like having watched silence of the lambs and then watching the history channel. wobbedywobbedy. i need a moment. i need a moment.

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