audience of a dream

I am not much of a cryer–but I do weep when I see people achieve their dreams. I cry during Olympics medal ceremonies, and I wept watching this youtube video of Susan Boyle, who surprised the judges of Britain’s Got Talent (the UK “America’s Got Talent”–or rather to be more accurate, “America’s Got Talent” is the US version of Britain’s Got Talent).

She’s not Hollywood (she’s frumpy), she’s cheeky (loved it–she bantered with the judges), and she’s got big ambitions (she said she wants to be like Elaine Paige). Usually these things do not line up on television.

On TV, there are only a few molds that say “winner” and it usually involves being a size 2 (or smaller), being well coiffed, and being young, for starters. And usually, producers set it up so that the people who are frank with their ambition fail. There have been so many contestants before her who have claimed a talent rivaling Whitney Houston’s, only to belt out something that sounds…nowhere near Whitney Houston. So you see the audience members roll their eyes awaiting a horrendous performance from Susan Boyle. We have been trained to have very standardized expectations.

But oh man. What a performance. It’s amazing. The judges said it was the biggest surprise ever. They said it was a wake up call from their cynicism. Simon Cowell’s facial expression, upon discovery of this talent, is unforgettable. We should all have someone look at our work in that way in our lifetime. I could die if someone (perhaps an agent) read my novel and made such a face.

Well I’ve watched the video of the performance over and over now, it’s so inspiring. Others are inspired too, even as they wonder why.


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  1. Me too on the crying. What an unbelievable performance and WHAT a voice.

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