a story takes a long journey


Remember that story I mentioned here?  Back in the fall of 2007? The one that I asked you to wish good luck? (Thank you). The one in which I was writing characters from another culture/race?

The story was as a finalist/honorable mention in a big litmag’s contest recently.  🙂 This news was, psychically, much needed–it will be tacked up on the bulletin board next to my 95+ litmag rejections received in the last year!

The story was the first written from beginning to end after my stroke….the kernel of which was gifted to me by a friend.  (Soooo many of my friends and my wonderful mother told me WONDERFUL stories during my recovery, in a bid to awaken the storytelling side of my brain). A few made it through to my psyche and spurred my idling imagination, like the story my friend told me about a childhood trip to his family’s Japanese farm.

I asked him if I could turn it into a story–and he gave me his blessing.  I added characters, made up my own landscape, and changed the main character’s names and personalities but the kernel of the idea (a farm, a father, a son) is there.  So grateful for the day he told me this story!

It took me over a year (nearly a year and a half) to write the story–frantic at first, then meandering, then put aside, then revised, then restructured, then rewritten, then carefully, then dreadfully…and I am so glad I took the risk to write such a story. As you know, the road back to writing was not always smooth.

And now I wish the story good luck as I continue to send it out, now with a piece of bling around its tiny arm.

Also, I heard in the past week that another one of my stories has been accepted for publication by a small but respectable Japanese litmag. This is when I wish I wasn’t so anonymous so I could give you more details on the contest and the litmag! 😛



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9 responses to “a story takes a long journey

  1. heather

    congrats on both of these successes! so happy for you and so proud of your perseverance!

  2. anonwupfan


    Great news JP! I am so happy for you!

    First you were editing, then teaching, now getting new stories published and winning (hey, close ‘nuf) big contests. Keep at it JP, these steady gains are what long-term success looks like in real time. And to think a couple of weeks ago you were disappointed that you wouldn’t be bringing Patricia Hampl her Denver Omelet.

    Ah, we sadly miss the great fiction, but we faithful few revel in this weekly (lately!;-)) serial about a great life story.

    Kudos, mon anon ami!

  3. hyunjin

    your story goes to show the strength in perseverance. congrats to you and inspiring for others.

  4. Yes, congratulations!!

  5. This is so wonderful and so inspiring.

  6. It’s so wonderful to hear news like this — and best of luck to the story that’s about to go out into the world. xoxoxo

  7. heather, anonwupfan hyunjin, bustopher, kris, and blogily: thank you very much! i am super excited (seriously–it has been a looooong season of rejections-only, and i had pretty much given up on writing short stories EVER AGAIN). the story that won the honorable mention is still going out into the world, and i imagine it will get rejected a zillion more times but at least someone out there sorta kinda liked it.

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  9. Eve

    Congratulations! This is great news!

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