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I am going to finish the first draft of this novel and it takes priority. So…here’s another quick blog post…

I am rereading Haruki Murakami’s Wind Up Bird Chronicle. Amazing what I missed the first time through.

The novel. The novel. The novel. Sometimes I have an idea for a short story, but what I do is write the idea down and turn my focus back to the novel.

Thank G*D the television season is over!!!! More time to write, less temptation to turn on the television.

(We did go see Star Trek in IMAX–and it rocked).

Memorable eats:
Our annual crawfish boil. Lots of crawdads…and a buttery étouffée. Yum. And chia seeds. I had this rosewater quench drink with chia seeds the other day–was I eating CHIAPET seeds? Indeed I was. They were good–like tiny boba tea balls with a crunchy center. So I went out and bought some from the new Berkeley Bowl West (which btw has parking!).

Ate Out:
Seriously–I am a pervert. Let’s rename this to…
Good Eats made by other people:
Veggie kofta balls at Ajanta (mrmmm). Panda Express chow mein! Brioche at Arizmendi! My friend C made an AWESOME salted caramel ice cream and brought it to the crawfish boil (in fact, one of the children at the crawfish boil DRANK the remaining melted ice cream straight out of the container). Hwe Dup Bap at Kansai. (Seriously–it was my “I am not on a fucking diet” week. Last week I pushed myself too hard–I ran too hard and ended up alternating puking all night and sitting on the toilet, so I took a week OFF from diet and fitness–yay!). Funny thing is, by the end of the week, I started eating salads and soups and chia seeds and returning to moderation.

Korean radish and bean sprout soup. Rhubarb cobbler. Little puff pastry cheesy poofs (not gougeres).


  • I took a week off from fitness/dieting. It was AWESOME. I ate whatever I want, whenever I wanted, and didn’t worry about exercising (I was getting compulsive and unhappy with all that). Ice cream, Panda Express, chips, burger king, cobblers, cookies, Indian food, pastries! Yum. And then it ended–by the end of the week, I didn’t really want all that stuff anymore.
  • Still jogging/running on the Couch to 5K running plan. I got to week 6 and week 6 made me barf (literally) so I took a week off. I plan on returning and repeating week 5.
  • You saw my previous post on some writing success: my story got an honorable mention in a top tier litmag contest. Another story will be published in a small Japanese litmag. Otherwise, the rejections are still coming in.
  • The tomato plants are flowering. I’m harvesting and eating lettuce from the veggie garden.
  • It comes and goes but these days the desire to have a baby has sprouted again. This is not so good if, like me, you deal with infertility. Where is the off button?
  • The weather has been oddly cold and overcast and even rainy here in Berkeley. I love it. It is my favorite writing weather.


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8 responses to “checking in quick blog

  1. I miss Berkeley 😦

    I’m not a big fan of The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle so far (117 pages in).

  2. not everyone can love every book out there! 🙂 the great thing is that there are so many voices to choose from.

    • Re: your comments on my blog – did you go to Mills?

      I don’t think TNS will accept me, and I’ve already committed to Hollins, but I may stick around to find out what happens.

      • wrt Murakami–there is a really riveting scene in there that involves human torture that is unforgettable. the book is worth it for just that.

        Denis: I will not say publicly where I got my MFA bc I wrote about my MFA experience here–I will try emailing you offline. But yes, don’t close the door on yourself. 🙂

  3. Eve

    RE: babies. I don’t think there is an off button. It’s our biology. I’ve met old ladies who told me they wished for a baby (or just one more baby) well into their 70s. Go figure; we’re just wired that way. I ignore it or feed it some common sense.

    • I know–there seems to only be a pause button on the baby thing and then the pause unlocks itself after some span of time, just like watching live tv on TiVO. 😛

      I hate it, especially since I have struggled with trying to have one for 10+ years. But I keep busy with other things.

  4. We both have the same favorite writing weather :). Good luck on your writing.

    • Hi Monster–good luck on your writing, too! If you’re in the Bay Area, you’re in luck: cloudy days abound (even if my tomato plants don’t like it).

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