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Sometimes I regret having an anonymous blog because there are details about my writing I’d like to share–I’d like to share my real name when I have writing successes, like litmag publications. And in my most optimistic moments, I think about being a Famous Writer and having this forum attached to my real name…

But most of the time, I’m glad I write anonymously here. For starters, there are a couple of people in my life I’d like to avoid, for my own safety, and having a blog with my real name–well, I’d feel real vulnerable knowing they were aware of my emotional fluctuations, my whereabouts, you get the idea.

So I can write more freely as a result of my anonymity. Of course, there are friends who know who I am here–and I suppose if you really really really try, you can figure it out. I can share! Like details about vacations–this is something I would not share if I wrote using my “irl” name because I am paranoid about being burglarized while out of town even if we have someone watching our house (in addition to fires, floods, and other disaster scenarios). And because of my anonymity, I can share with you this fact: we are going on a road trip.


The hubby and I have been passing the idea of a road trip back and forth for years now. It’s not exactly a cross country trip (we want to do that someday too)–but it’s more than an in-state jaunt. It’s more than picking me up from Hedgebrook in the car (oh I was sooo homesick! And he wanted to drive) and driving me home. This is a trip with several destinations, and several nights stops..complete with our dogs!

The highlight of the trip will be Yellowstone National Park. Woot. 🙂 I’m sooo looking forward to the sights, to taking photographs, to getting inspired by the experience and landscape, to spending quality time with my awesome husband and best friend, to belatedly celebrate our 10th anniversary.

I’ve promised myself to make some writing time on this trip. I will be doing so. I’ll also be blogging at least once, because I’ve just signed up for this group writing exercise/game of “Consequences.” And I’m second in line, so there’s a big chance my turn will come up this week.

(This is an example of Consequences–each successive entry begins with the closing lines of its predecessor. Entries are 250 words long, and thematically linked).

I am still going to hit my minimum word count goal of 2,000 words/week this week.

And before I leave town–yes, I’m going to go running. I’m taking my running shoes, too, even though I know there’s a slimmer chance of my going running than getting writing done (it is after all a vacation).



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10 responses to “on the road

  1. Sounds great, hope you two have a good time. Yellowstone has been one of those places I’ve wanted to visit forever.

  2. You’ll probably get a ton of exercise walking/hiking around Yellowstone and the other places you visit. And I’m jealous! I love road trips, and I’ve never been to Yellowstone. Sounds fabulous. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

    • I hope so–I just spent 12+ hours in a car munching away on snacks all day! 🙂 We did love the road trip. I can’t wait to see Yellowstone tomorrow in daylight.

  3. anonwupfan

    JP, I will admit that I did encounter (by COMPLETE accident!) you under your IRL first name elsewhere in the web detritus. So I guess you can stumble upon it just by following the same curiosities which brought you here to begin with!

    Mrs. AWUPFan and I went on a two-week, 3K mile road trip a few years back. It was unbelievable. They were some of the happiest days of my life, enjoy every second.

    • Whee! Well I don’t do a great job at hiding my identity–a couple of people have figured it out. But I emailed you, anonwupfan (at the email address you leave upon commenting) because I’m just plain curious how you figured it out!

      I’m loving the road trip, I love long car drives.

  4. Eve

    I too continue to like blogging under a pseudonym, although I did recently list my blog link on my Facebook page. This means, of course, that people who know me in real life can read and visit there; and guess what? one of my best real-life friends has, and it’s been great so far.

    Still, I had and have many good reasons for continuing in some sort of pseudonymous (is that a word, Jade?) wrapping. When I win the Pulitzer, then I suppose I can fret about whether to plaster my name all over the blog. In the meantime, I’ll continue on as I have been.

    Similarly, I know you have good reasons for continuing as you are. You can always start a new blog in your writerly name. I have one! And I do nothing with it. I just let it sit there, waiting for my moment of greatness.

    Ha ha, how this makes me laugh!

  5. ok–I ran more often than I wrote this week while on vacation–who woulda thunkit?

  6. ann

    i’m hoping to go to Yellowstone in Sept. Any tips? Where’d you stay?

    We’re probably going to fly, but how long it is driving from the Bay Area?

    What did u do in Tahoe & Vegas?

  7. ann: We stayed in West Yellowstone at a hotel where dogs are allowed: the Kelly Inn. The Kelly Inn was fine–a bit noisy when guests stormed out of the hotel every morning but it was clean and basic and what we needed. West Yellowstone is RIGHT outside the west gate and is a very very convenient base point.

    It’s about 1,000 miles from the Bay Area to Yellowstone driving…we stopped in Tahoe (where we have a place we stay) and just chilled out before moving on to Yellowstone. We LOVED Yellowstone (Mammoth Hot Springs was amazing).

    And in Vegas we visited my parents for fathers’ day. There are plenty of things to do in Vegas of course! 🙂

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