Seven things I love

(the above is my untouched, un-photoshopped, picture of Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone)

wmc listed seven things she loves. Here are seven of mine:

  • A bowl of white milk against a green lawn at dusk. So white, so green.
  • I love watching the fog roll in from San Francisco in the summertime–watching it tear through the Golden Gate Bridge and over hills like cotton over a pine cone. So violent and yet no pain.
  • Friends who make me laugh so hard I forget where I am and who I am, there’s only that feeling of unbridled joy for that moment. And friends who don’t freak out when I cry either–because as hard as I laugh, I weep.
  • I love rainy days–the trees and grass look greener, the damp air feels good on my skin. The world seems quieter. Because of that and more, I also love London.
  • I love fingers running through my hair. I could spend an entire blue sky afternoon with my head on the lap of someone running their fingers through my hair. I wonder if I can pay someone to do this, I love it so much.
  • Autumn. The trees with leaves so red they look like they’ve gone up in flames.
  • Snow in the Sierra Nevadas. I could watch the snow fall down for hours, the world growing silent with rounded corners.

More things I love:
New York City * Wyoming landscape, Yellowstone, Big Sky Country–large landscapes: big white clouds deep blue sky, emerald green grass and various browns with distant gray of mountains, scintillating conversation * writer friends who really truly support me * marc jacobs * good hair days * mac fluidline eyeliner * a jog on a crisp day * the Tate Modern * reading a book i love from beginning to end * chilly days * cool wind * a warm jacket * dachshunds * long car drives * foie gras * open spaces, crowded streets * open air markets * a good deep tissue massage * rivers, oceans, lakes * blue * chocolate * Cheese Board brioche * afternoon naps * floating face up in a pool * hugs from husband * my college years at UC Berkeley * long quiet moments with my husband * golden sunlight of Autumn evenings * bookstores * Barcelona * eating street food, walking in a city with a good treat in hand * farmers markets * watermelon, prune plums, persimmons * vegetable gardens * “A+” * people, mysterious people * tidal pools with life teeming in habitats changing throughout the day and tide levels * wedding ceremonies watching a couple totally in love make a leap of faith and gargantuan promises, two strangers finding each other and being bound by soul and heart forever * peonies * saying “fuck it” * tulips * the smell of tuberose * lavender * finding a beach full of shells after a storm * the smell of my smelly dachshund’s body odor and breath their familiar smell providing me comfort, their licking feeling like consolation * walking through an old city * rainy days spent indoors * my husband * sleeping in especially in a large king bed with a firm mattress on wonderful beautiful sheets soft light just filtering through curtains prodding me awake ever so gently the room scented with lavender or tuberose a beautiful world lingering out the window maybe a beautiful city or a spectacular rural landscape * The Great Gatsby for its prose, for its perfect capture of the 1920s, for how it reminds me of my own late 1990s and pre-crash 2000s, for Jay Gatsby, for Nick Carraway… * Mom, Dad * A tall woman with perfect skin and a serene face * Callebaut chocolate * the smell of bread baking * perfect moments choreographed by a song * praise

…i tag Randa, Nova, Alexander, Eve, Blog Lily, Medeasin, and Cindy.

but i also tag YOU. 🙂 i want to know what you love, what you find beautiful, what makes you happy!



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11 responses to “Seven things I love

  1. heather

    so lovely! and the photo is gorgeous.

    • heather–i wanna tag you to do it! (wasn’t sure you wanted to do it on your teaching blog though). it’s such a good exercise in nurturing happiness and creativity.

      • heather

        i was going to do it anyways! i’m slogging through lesson planning but i will do it tonight or tomorrow. 😀 happiness and creativity are part of teaching, right? they should be.

  2. great idea. i love positive, count-your-sparkles kinds of exercises like this. here’s mine:

  3. RealHousewifeInSiliconValley

    I’d respond on my blog if I could remember my wordpress password! This did remind me of an entry of L.M. Montgomery’s journal from 1920. In hunting it down, I found that she also loved Chateau Yquem! It’s a bit long, so I’ll email you the full paragraph of the things she liked and how she got “tagged” to meme it. She also did another meme (in 1914) from a fashion magazine.

  4. Violeta

    Love this list. I read it this morning, in a rare quiet moment, and it just made me so happy to picture these things, many of which make me happy, too. Thank you!

  5. anonwupfan

    No blogging for me, but I wanna play too!

    1) My family and the same old stories we tell and retell

    2) The smells and sounds of brewing coffee

    3) The muffled sound of a city street on the tail end of a very heavy snow

    4) The Raymond Chandler Simile

    5) Cool, dry fall mornings

    6) Nicknames, especially those of the modifier+given name variety: “Ugly Steve”, “Crazy Amy”, “Walking John”, etc.

    7) Any running toddler

  6. That picture is epic.
    Took my breath away.
    I love it.

  7. Eve

    That photo is amazing! Isn’t it stunning to see it afterward?

  8. yael v.: beds are awesome–love your list!

    RealHousewife: I knew these memes came from somewhere… 🙂

    Violeta: I am so glad the happiness in my list is contagious.

    anonwupfan: love your list–thank you for sharing it here…I love many of the same things you do.

    queenkv: Yellowstone is epic–was very hard to take a bad picture of anything there. Mammoth Hot Springs was amazing.

    Eve: I love seeing what I saw in photographic retrospect (one of the reasons I take pictures). 🙂

  9. I thhuogt finding this would be so arduous but it’s a breeze!

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