mid July quick blog


I stopped rereading Haruki Murakami’s Wind Up Bird Chronicle because my novel began to sound oddly like Murakami and that terrified me. So–hands off any Murakami until I’m done with the draft. However! I’ve cut back on the TV, and increased my writing and reading. In the month of July to date (and mind you, we’re not done with July yet!) I’ve read FIVE books (books #7-11 on my book list): 13 Ways Of Looking At The Novel, Farm City, Long Road Home, Autobiography of a Face, and Lullaby.

It’s been a deep pleasure to read.

The novel. (What else is new).

Still happy that it’s summer and TV season is over. But I have been watching the Tour de France on fast forward. And I did go to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince–it was FANTASTIC! I think it’s the BEST Harry Potter movie to date.

Memorable eats:
Fruit. Mrmmmm summer fruit.

Ate Out:
Still laughing like a pervert at the phrase.
Just the occasional salad out or a burrito. Ate a yummy biscuit and waffle from the Little Skillet in San Francisco. I’ve been watching what I eat these days.

Nothing exciting (sorry)–summer is all about the fresh fruit! Although–I will be making homemade malted milk ball ice cream this weekend.


  • Keeping up my exercise regimen. I’m up to 2.5 miles running nonstop. It feels GOOD.
  • Side benefit to running: I dared to measure my waist and I’ve lost 2 inches. Yay! Watching my dad’s health deteriorate is making me more diligent about my own health.
  • 3 litmag rejections.
  • Watching the vegetable garden sprawl. Still eating lettuce from the veggie garden. Waiting on the green tomatoes. Harvested a few potatoes. Hand pollinating squash.
  • Baby desire has dissipated for the time being.
  • Braved a heat wave. Welcoming the fog.
  • Residency apps! Dare I apply to ones without internet? I shall.
  • Writing my syllabus for my Fall class.
  • Went on a fantastic awesome super road trip in June (which you know about, if you’re a regular reader of the blog).
  • Remembered the name of the celebrity we spotted over a year ago in L.A. stepping into a Maserati w/ two hot chicks. WHO WAS IT?! We just realized tonight: James Woods.
  • Saw a brilliant awesome double rainbow over Berkeley two weeks ago.
  • Tea with Bloglily–why don’t I meet up with friends more often?!
  • Traded in 24 old MAC cosmetic cases (man, I am a makeup whore) and exchanged them for 4 free things (2 lipsticks & 2 eyeshadows).


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6 responses to “mid July quick blog

  1. Sounds like a wonderful July. Glad to hear the writing is going well.

  2. I love this roundup of July — and it’s not even over yet!!

  3. anonwupfan

    Great news about the two inches and the running!

    Gardening nerds would like JP’s garden/produce photos–please include cute wiener dogs in the photos (for scale :))

    Hmmm, James Woods–I’m pretty sure he has legendary reputation*NOT for his acting*–hence the two hot chicks.

    What did you decide on for the reading list?

  4. Charlotte: Keep cheering me on–I need it. πŸ™‚ Hee.

    bloglily: I know! One more week of possibilities….

    anonwupfan: I will definitely indulge you with veggie garden pictures although I do have a flickr acct with my “irl” name that might satiate you with many many veggie garden pictures. My current obsession is my triamble squash. But–! I am about to put up a post with veggie garden pictures soon. Also what do you mean by reading list?

  5. anonwupfan


    Sorry, there’s a page of “happenings” up there and you read a lot (duh)– the reading for your Fall class.

    Triamble have that beautiful tone, but always look so disorderly and hard to cut. The taste is good?

    • oh! I am still in final stages of deciding the reading list for my Fall class–definitely teaching American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang…and a bunch of short pieces by others like Jhumpa Lahiri, and also an essay by Brent Staples called “Black Men and Public Spaces.”

      Triamble are supposed to taste FABULOUS. I haven’t tasted one yet, but my friend, the one who gave me a warty galeuse d’eysines, a very delicious pumpkin, says triambles are BETTER. πŸ™‚

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