Vegetable Garden digression

This is my shout out to the gardening nerds!!! 🙂  And a way for me to procrastinate on writing my novel…

Pictures from my vegetable garden…

This is an early Spring picture of the garden–sometime in early April.  I blurred out the face of the guy in the photo, so don’t even TRY IT! 🙂  The guy is included in the photo so you can have an idea of scale (he’s way down below).  One of those retaining wall blocks is the length of a wiener dog.

On the top (the nearer) tier is my overwintered french sorrel, a tiny rose geranium (smells great–and if you steep the leaves you can get some wonderful rosy flavors).  Plus some tomatoes in cages.  In the bottom right corner is my overwintered french tarragon.  Those little thing grassy things are garlic

We just put in the lower tier this year–so in this picture, all you see is fresh dirt below.


This is a shot of the garden from a second story window in April.


And here’s a shot of the garden from that same window in June.  Lots of potato plants, tomato plants, garlic up top.  Below you see lettuce and radishes and a triamble squash plant.

We’re sprawling in July!    The potato plants look scraggly but they’ve got potatoes underground!  And the tomato plants are going wild, as is the squash plant.  I can’t keep up with the lettuce.  And wedged in here and there you’ll see garlic, anise hyssop, korean perilla, chinese bellflowers (aka doraji or platycodon) and carrots and such.

(As of August 22, 2009)…

The chaos of mid-summer vegetable garden growth!  I can’t keep those tomatoes up!

In the lower level we have a sickly-ish momotaro tomato plant here but everything else is thriving.

Much to my dismay, the triamble squash plant aborted its first few squash, despite hand pollination.  But I kept watering, and fertilizing…and here’s one that seems to be past that “first trimester danger zone” of squash growth.  Keep your fingers crossed.

The garden, from the bottom up.  Isn’t it wonderful?  I doubled the size of my garden this year and I *still* don’t think it’s big enough.  There’s so much more I want to plant but I’m still happy with this. 🙂  I’m eyeing a lot of the green tomatoes–do I use them now or wait for my first red tomato?  I’ve got Black Krim, Siberia, Momotaro, and Early Girl tomato plants this year.  I’m dry farming the Early Girl (well, sort of–I have to water the other plants, but I just avoid giving the early girl tomato plant direct water).



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11 responses to “Vegetable Garden digression

  1. I’m so impressed! I really want to garden… one of these years. Maybe next year.

  2. jameyhatley

    wow! i want a garden when i “grow up”. it’s beautiful. are you pickling or putting stuff up for later?

  3. Your garden looks lovely!
    I finished harvesting my potatoes last weekend.

  4. anonwupfan

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    It looks great, wild and wonderful. I love the terracing. Good to hear you & queenkv are growing potatoes, they seem to get passed over because they are so cheap to buy.

    The mystery fella in the garden reminds me of the old country song “Only two things that money can’t buy –that’s true love & homegrown tomatoes.”

    • Foodie: I will help you!!! Just think: homegrown EGGPLANTS…!

      jameyhatley: I would love to pickle a green tomato chutney later…and I’m growing so many tomato plants that I will likely have to can tomatoes later this summer (not looking forward to that but it’s so worth it). If I don’t can, what i usually do is just freeze whole tomatoes and eat them throughout the winter.

      queenkv: your potatoes are BIG!!!!!

      anonwupfan: Nothing tastes better than a potato fresh out of the soil. Sooooo gooooooood it’s priceless. 🙂

      • anonwupfan

        Your potatoes look great! There is short story about a Peruvian-American man cooking potatoes for his son, can’t remember the name offhand, but I remember it nailed fresh potatoes.

        We used to grow them in old tires and just roll the whole thing over when it was harvest time (it probably leeched all kinds of stuff into the potatoes–eek) but it is a great repurposing of junk and it beat digging them up!)

        Instead of expanding your space (it doesn’t look like you have all that much room to expand) have you considered lengthening your season?

  5. Gorgeous! I am jealous, my YEARS of attempting vegetable gardening resulted in well fed bunnies and deer in my backyard!

    I’d wait for the tomatoes to turn red! 😀

  6. Eve

    Nice work, Jade. I especially enjoyed seeing the time lapse photos over the growing season (cheers for positive growth! haha!). All I’ve grown this year has been basil. That’s right… basil. Oh, and one orange tree has managed to thrive where we planted it. It makes me feel lazy every time I walk past my back door, which is where my herb and veggie garden has been in the past.

    With everything else you do in your life, it’s great that you took the time to grow food.

  7. biz319 waiting! I can’t believe it’s mid-August, and I have yet to see a red tomato. Still, the weather has warmed up, so red tomatoes can only be around the bend. 🙂

    hyunjin: so excellent, isn’t it? and this year, my doraji bloomed!

    Eve: Yay for positive growth. And just for you, I posted time lapse pictures of one of my triamble squash. (btw, basil is one thing I didn’t plant this year)!

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