more time lapse photos of the vegetable garden

I’m so excited about my triamble squash–got only 2 squash hanging off the vine (the plant aborted all the rest, including one squash halfway through maturation)…but it’s beautiful!

And growing at a rapid rate. Here’s one squash’s life over the past 3 weeks:


And then…


And vroom! The weather got warmer and the squash took off! Now the size of an infant’s head…


And this morning, I can confidently, say it’s the same size as a small child’s head…


(A week later, as of August 22, the size of an adult’s head and turning a bluish green)…


And 2 weeks later:


I was hoping to have more than 2 triamble squash, hoping to have enough to give away to friends, but I may end up with just two. Still, I’m happy!
(Update: I ended up harvesting 5 triamble squash this season–and they are DELICIOUS. Thank you bigtime to my friend Novella who mailed me the seeds. It was a tough growing season, but I’m happy with my yield).

My garden has been a living metaphor for the act of writing ever since its inception in 2007. It has been a microcosm of the world–with its unexpected twists and unexpected guests (gopher), and it has given me knowledge and joy. Not bad for a little piece of land, some dirt, seeds and water, right?

Every year I learn something new from my plot of land. That squash plants often abort squash, especially the first few squash, and sometimes inexplicably. We lose our ideas. Sometimes our initial ideas don’t pan out. We have to try and try and try. Also in another metaphor, I’m reminded that I’m not alone in my struggle with infertility. (Every morning, I would hand pollinate the squash, and smiled, thinking about IVF/artificial insemination).

I’ve also discovered, on a practical level, that Fox Farm planting soil kicks ass. The top level of my garden is 100% FoxFarm soil. The bottom level is random very cheap soil with a touch of Miracle Gro planting soil thrown in. We cheaped out on the lower level because I’d spent so much on the top tier two years previous.

The top tier is doing great–the bottom tier–you can tell the soil isn’t great, even though I supplement with Fox Farm peace of mind fertilizer. Still, it doesn’t matter–my momotaro tomato plant is ailing (it’s not blight…but i think some sort of vitamin deficiency because the NEW leaves are ailing and the older leaves are just fine). The squash keeps aborting.

Invest in your bottom line…put a good foundation (soil) in, in whatever you build or do. Don’t cheap out.

Also, next time, I’m going to try to get some free compost from the city of Berkeley–I hear they give out free compost every couple of months (from the green bins they collect from all the residences in town).



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7 responses to “more time lapse photos of the vegetable garden

  1. Lush and beautiful! We’re hoping to start a small garden ourselves when we finally get settled. Love your blog; props for you over at my place πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for the shout out! I appreciate it very much. πŸ™‚ I’m all for the small garden. It’s a very rewarding experience, even when unpredictable things happen, still fun!

  2. anonwupfan

    Gardening Under a Pseudonym! πŸ˜‰

    (Is your left wrist OK?)

    • Hi! heh. πŸ™‚ Technically, I am writing about gardening under pseudonym so the title still stands.

      As for my wrist: just my cubital tunnel syndrome acting up in both wrists. I uh…have been writing/typing…and…uh…I recently got addicted to Farm Town on Facebook and…uh…yah. Totally addicted when you keep playing even though your wrists hurt…and when you see bathroom tiles and think, “click…click…click…”

      • anonwupfan

        Ha! I did that w/ Tetris in college: played for days, started analyzing the bathroom tiles, freaked out, and never played again.

        Farm Town, huh? As you’ve said before, like writing, growing food is an awe-inspiring process of self-discovery. And addictive–hell, my folks have been playing the “Farm Town Home Game” for 40 years!

        Take care of those wrists, you’ll need those.

  3. this might be my first time here — i’m not sure — but i definitely like the time-elapsed photos. i don’t have anywhere near the patience to do something like that.

  4. Beautiful squash! I keep dreaming of the day I’ll find the time to do some gardening.

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