2009 good things


There were plenty of bad things in 2009 out in the world (need I explain what they were?), and the bulk of my friends rang in 2010 with great anticipation and relief. But in the realm of things, I still don’t think my 2009 could be worse than my 2007 (the year that is now the marker for “the worst year of my life,” what with my stroke, inability to write, inability to read, my mother-in-law’s sudden death, and other things that are more private and painful). In fact, 2009 was pretty okay, despite its financial nadir.

Here are some things about 2009 that make me proud, make me happy, make me smile:

And last but not least–in the wake of the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti…I urge you to help your fellow humans and send money to the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, Partners in Health, etc., so that we can bring the people of Haiti, aid. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere–unlike Hurricane Katrina or the earthquake in Sichuan, this earthquake is impacting their entire country and infrastructure…they will be suffering for quite some time. I hold back tears every time I turn on CNN to watch the news updates…but there need not be tears of helplessness.

For those who would rather buy, or would like to, additionally, buy a cupcake to benefit Haiti…my friend Samin is holding a bakesale for Haiti on January 23, from 10am-2pm at several locations in the bay area: Pizzaiolo in Oakland (and Pizzaiolo is donating 100% of proceeds from its baked goods sale that day to the cause)….Gioia’s Pizzeria in Berkeley and Bi-Rite Market in San Francisco.

2009 sucked in a lot of ways–but let’s start 2010 with good karma and help those who need us.



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2 responses to “2009 good things

  1. Hyunjin

    Congrats on your novel manuscript!! Truly exciting!

    My husband LOVES Gioia’s pizza. Will look for your friend’s bake sale to benefit Haiti for sure.

  2. I like your 2009 good things list. I should make one of those.

    Another list idea for you: you’ve been tagged over at my place.

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