what to blog, what to blog

Thinking of what to blog. Coming up short. Any of you have any questions about writing or otherwise, you’d like me to address?



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3 responses to “what to blog, what to blog

  1. Would love to know how your novel rewrite is going!

    I’m presently doing a pass through my MS for plot holes, then sending chapters off in tranches of three to five beta readers. When that’s done, I’m going to do a pass for language, send the thing off in its entirety to the readers and then hopefully after that, it will be ready to submit.

    • HI Charlotte–the novel rewrite is…going. I wish it were going more speedily but it’s daunting! No system is working for me right now, except to fill in gaps, being the “under-writer” that I am (I tend to not write enough in the first draft, and so I need to just fill things in).

      I wish you luck on your draft!!! 🙂 Where are you submitting your manuscript? I probably won’t be ready until months and months from now, if not years.

  2. hyunjin

    I just read the interview you did with Chang-rae Lee. Loved it. Thank you sharing.

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