I *cannot wait* until Spring Break, which begins after class tomorrow, at 11am PST. I also cannot wait until Summer break! This teaching semester has been a taxing and wearying one, as much as it has been a rewarding learning experience. I look forward to sleeping in, and relaxing and resting. Just a few weeks ago, I would have said I also look forward to writing, but I’m finally admitting I’ve got no writing mojo right now.

I cannot wait until May! May is when my allergies go away!

I cannot wait until summer break, which begins at the very end of May. I plan on making progress with my novel revision and CANNOT WAIT to return to its progress!!!!!! I hope by then that I can also make some travel plans, even if summertime is my least favorite time for travel.

My anticipation keeps me forward-thinking, but it also saddens me because I am not savoring the present as much as I’d like.

Also: I password protected yesterday’s post; if you would like the password, and you know me, email me or DM me on twitter for the password.


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