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Day 270: Why won’t Autumn arrive?

I’ve survived a summer in NYC (well, most of the summer, since I spend August in San Francisco). And now I anxiously await Autumn. Or more specifically, Autumnal weather.

New Yorkers are donning sweaters and tights and scarves and jackets and boots. I don’t understand; it’s over 75F degrees and muggy these days. In the Springtime, when we had this very same weather, people were in shorts and Spring dresses. The only conclusion to which I can arrive is that New Yorkers dress according to the time of year, regardless of weather. (This explains why my New Yorker parents, when we later moved to Los Angeles, would make me don tights and sweater dresses in September, when temperatures would typically soar into the 90s Fahrenheit).

Meanwhile, I’ve obtained a Kitchenaid mixer for the kitchen. I’m getting ready for Fall–by dreaming of baked goods comprised of pumpkin and spice.

But there’s no way I’m turning on the oven until the temperatures come down and it’s really truly Autumn.

In terms of an update from my last update, in mid February, we did indeed move into our new apartment. We furnished it, little by little. Fell further in love with the East Village. Took lots of nighttime walks up and down 2nd Ave on sultry summer nights. Saw several more rats. Ran into, and then walked several street fairs (those zeppole vendors are everywhere, aren’t they?). Ate ice pops. Battened down the hatches for Irene. Got acquainted with the 6, N, and R lines. Braved the steamy subways. Experienced baffling amounts of summer precipitation. Saw incredible sunsets.

Well, more than what I listed above, happened. I am in love with this city.

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