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is publishing sustainable?

Howard Junker, editor of ZYZZYVA, was asked “is publishing sustainable?” by an energetic but naive student. His reaction and the content of the letter, is hilarious (at least it is to me). It’s always good to start your day with laughter.

I guess there is more than one definition to “sustainable.”


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i can’t help myself

I’ve already horrified Parisian ladies-who-lunch today (there was one woman in a houndstooth who kept staring at me with a blank facial expression–American and Korean (the infamous scowl!) facial expressions are so much more obvious, did she find me cute? Or did she totally think I was a weird hobo girl?).

The climax of Parisian ladies-who-lunch horror was when I did a loopy jetlagged induced imitation of a “mad cow” over really mediocre pasta (why was the place so packed when the food was so awful?). He had a steak–I wondered aloud if it was British cow. First, an ANGRY cow mooing. (Hands on hips! Furrowed brow! Moo!) Then, a CRAZY cow, mooing. (Eyes crossed! Goofy look! Wave my hands! Moo!) Get it? My husband’s understated and amused reaction was the comment, “Yes, wow.”

Loopy! After lunch, I had a Pierre Herme macaron and I got an endorphin rush, it was SO.GOOD. I will NEVER forget that little rose ispahan macaron. EVER.

But now I must do it. I must say, “I see London, I see France…”

Because I have. Arrived in London on the 1st, and I’m now in Paris on the 2nd. I HAVE seen London and now I see France.





Now I have to find some underpants.

Update: A prettier picture of London…



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scary moths and butterflies

I was watching a moth fly around, batting itself against the light…when I realized that I was watching in both awe, curiosity, and fright.

Fright. I don’t think most people are scared of butterflies and moths. Bees? Yes. Praying mantises? yes. Millipedes? Yes. Scorpions? Yes. Butterflies….?

When I was child, I guess I loved butterflies and moths. I guess I tried to catch them and hold them in my hand. I guess I must have tried to rub my eyes after touching them with my hands. I don’t remember that part.

But I do remember when my mother told me, “Butterflies and moths will make you blind–if you touch them and then you touch your eyes, YOU WILL GO BLIND!”

I can only guess she was saying that in reaction to some behavior of mine–you know, chasing them around, touching them, and then touching my eyes. My mother doesn’t usually make stuff like that up. She’s a nurse and knows better. But maybe she was alarmed and wanted to put me off butterflies and moths forever. To this day, there is a part of me that thinks they will cause blindness.

And so today I blanch when I see a moth or a butterfly flying at me.

(and while we’re at it, why is blindness the greatest threat to children? Isn’t that the same threat associated with masturbation?)


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Parsley craving


I have two cute and affectionate, but at times extremely odd, wiener dogs. Today, I discovered my female dachshund eating the parsley plant in my herb planter outside. She did not eat the sage, the chervil, the dill, or the oregano. Just the parsley.

As soon as she saw me, she scurried away from the planter, through the doggie door, and into the house. I am not sure what the cause for this ravenous parsley appetite might be–maybe she was trying to self-treat her doggie halitosis?

Poor plant. 90% of its leaves are gone now.


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frying an egg

frying an egg in the desert

Ahem. So maybe this isn’t a food blog but what the heck. Yesterday, I mentioned that it felt hot enough in Vegas to fry an egg on the sidewalk–and so today, I tried.

I cracked an egg open on some rocks (hey, the sidewalk is well travelled and I didn’t want “environmental interference”).

Hrm. It didn’t sizzle. Air temp was 108F.

Hours later, I went to check again. The egg had turned from its smooth and gelatinous shape (you know what a fresh raw egg looks like, people)…into something a bit “cooked”…or maybe dehydrated.

I tried.

I hope you are amused.

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touching and funny all at once

Check out this post on Rice Daddies. I won’t give anything away–but hopefully, you’ve been reading the news and will put two and two together somewhere during the reading of the post.

It starts out hilarious, just hilarious for its own sake (I, being Korean American, found it especially funny for the way it reverberates facets of my own childhood)…and then takes a turn towards deeper meaning.

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commercial: Donald Trump is relentless

Tyler Durden’s commentary on the most recent installation of Trump vs. Rosie is hilarious.

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