scored a sublet

I scored a sublet–! Not an apartment or a house–but a spot in a writers’ place. An office and a desk in a place where writers convene to write. Not an easy opportunity to procure–but I had a good friend, M, who helped me (thank you thank you)…and I got lucky.

Apparently in the summer of “staycations,” not everyone is staying in town. And I’m benefiting from one writer who’s doing the regular vacation thing, leaving behind an empty writing office.

The sublet is for 3 weeks. I got permission from my boss to come in to work late for the next 3 weeks (so I can write at The Place in the mornings). Tomorrow I get the keys. Sooo excited.


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9 responses to “scored a sublet

  1. just curious, but do you have your own workspace/study at home? what are the benefits in a writer’s office away from home?

  2. Susan: I know, I am so lucky! Now I just need to make the next 3 weeks super disciplined.

    queenkv: Yep, I do have a room–and I often write at the dining room table (it’s where I am most productive)…but I’m not as productive as I’d like: my dogs bark, my kitchen is right there, and I’m easily distracted. I’ve got another place I go to write, but it’s 200 miles away and not practical for day to day. So I’m desperate, I’m trying “The Place” (don’t want to disclose the actual place) to see if it works for me.

  3. Schmoo

    Sweet! May the muse be with you.

  4. This is so incredibly awesome. These three weeks will be so productive and inspiring for you. Please tell us all about it!

  5. Eve

    Wonderful! Let us know how the writing goes in your new digs.

  6. I had three days to pick a squad in October, so I was always going to pick players I knew.

  7. Don Balon claim the Welshman sees the Tottenham star as the ideal replacement.

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